High-performance tires
for winter and summer

Tire changes and sales

Tire balancing. Tire storage. Tire installation.

Your car will start if it has an engine, but it won’t go anywhere if it doesn’t have four tires. That’s why the Pneus Groupe Unik tire shop carries a vast selection of tires of every major brand. Whether you need tires for your fleet of trucks or for your family vehicle, we offer wholesale and retail tire sales at competitive prices. For automobiles, trucks or trailers: we have the tires you need.

Do you think you’ll save money by hanging on to your old tires a little longer? You better think again! Not only are you risking your safety and that of everyone else on the road, but you’re also using more gasoline. Get into the habit of buying new tires before your old ones become too worn. At Pneus Groupe Unik, we’re here to help you choose the ones that are right for you.

Brands offered at Pneus Groupe Unik

Tire changes

With the changing seasons come changing tires. No one’s immune to it. In Quebec, December 1 is the deadline for putting on your winter tires, while March 15 marks the return to your summer tires.

We offer tire installation, tire balancing and wheel alignment in addition to tire storage service in our heated garage. During the peak seasons, we are open for extended hours (including Saturday afternoons) so we can serve you better. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Tire storage
Starting at $44 per season

There’s no need to lug your tires around or clutter up your shed: we offer tire storage service in a special heated section of our garage.

We have the tires you need

When the time comes to change your tires or buy new ones, come to Pneus Groupe Unik, your tire shop in Dorval.