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Wheel alignment

for a safe ride

When the time comes to change your tires, it’s also wise to check your wheel alignment. Why? To ensure that your vehicle operates safely and efficiently. Poorly aligned wheels not only affect the way your vehicle drives, but also lead to wear and tear on your tires and increased fuel consumption.

How to detect misalignment

When driving your vehicle, do you feel a slight or strong tug toward the left or right? If your car doesn’t go in a straight line, your wheels are probably misaligned. This can be caused by a number of different things, including hitting too many potholes or frequently rubbing up against the curb. At Pneus Groupe Unik, we perform wheel alignments with the aid of 3D technology, enabling us to service vehicles of every make and model.

See our equipment at work (video in English)

Discover the advantages of perfect alignment

Our cutting-edge equipment and the skill of our technicians make all the difference when the time comes for a wheel alignment.